In the latest edition of "Deion Sanders won't go away," the clown of the NFL broadcasting world has found a way to take the league's stupidest, least interesting event and make it all about himself, which I suppose is fitting.

The 46-year-old is in his element as a hype man for the revamped Pro Bowl, which again makes a lot of sense when you consider that he's essentially been in the same hype-driven role as an "analyst" for more than a decade. 

Sanders is a captain in charge of picking one of the teams for the upcoming Pro Bowl in Hawaii, and he's taking full advantage of the spotlight by suggesting that he himself will suit up for the league's annual all-star game Jan. 26. 

Yup, more than 4,000 retweets. And for the first time in world history, Deion has us talking about the Pro Bowl just days before the AFC and NFC championship games. 

Hours after that tweet was sent, an NFL spokesman told Pro Football Talk that Sanders would not be playing in the game. But that isn't stopping the guy from basking in the attention in Prime Time fashion. He's been tweeting all day about his preparation for the game. 

Honestly, it would be pretty cool if he and Jerry Rice did play, just because we'd be slightly interested in seeing how they'd hold up as retirees. But to say you're going to play despite the fact the league hasn't signed off on said development is the most Deion Sanders thing ever. It's about hype and attention. He's that kid in class that won't shut up and is distracting everyone around him, chatting about himself when everybody else just wants to focus on the lesson (or in this case, the real football).

The best strategy is to ignore him. 

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