Often, we throw out the phrase “YOU HAD ONE JOB” for certain things, but sometimes people just flat out make mistakes when it comes to awards voting. The most famous example of recent vintage is the Professional Hockey Writers Association voting for Alexander Ovechkin as a first-team All-Star at one position and a second-team All-Star at another. While not nearly on that scale, one Clippers TV analyst has suffered a similar fate.

While Goran Dragic won the Most Improved Player of the year award, some were shocked to see that likely MVP candidate Kevin Durant got a single vote. The source of that vote? Clippers TV analyst Michael Smith. He also happened to give Anthony Davis his Most Valuable Player vote.

Smith gave a humorous mea culpa on Twitter.

Dragic won by 350 points in terms of voting, so the error didn’t matter. Still, it’d be funny to see new NBA Commissioner Adam Silver have to deal with a recount were he to end up with a close race determined by an accidental vote in either race. Show me the hanging chads!


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