Richard Sherman's interview with Erin Andrews has took on a life of its own this week in the dead zone that results in the two week break between the championship games and the Super Bowl. Thankfully Shermania is winding down and things are returning to normalcy.  Just in time, too as things were starting to get a little absurd. With all the praise and adoration of Sherman coming from the internet this week you would have thought he solved the remaining six Millennium Prize Problems in Mathematics or something.  That P vs NP is a real doozy, you know.

So to put (please, please, please) a final bow on this story, Fox Sports made a precious video of young children reenacting the famous interview with Erin Andrews.  No matter where you stand on Richard Sherman, we can all come together and appreciate a parody video made by kids and thank God this story is coming to an end.

[Fox Sports]

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