"It was this girl, five-feet-nuthin'. Blocked my shot!"

Charles Barkley relived his Space Jam days by getting schooled by a chick, except this time it was in beer pong. Our favorite degenerate gambler/NBA analyst was challenged to a game of beer pong on Wednesday evening while appearing on HLN and lost horribly. See for yourselves:

What's funny is that Barkley has the wing span to just reach across the table and drop the ball in the cup, but instead he embraces losing when he realizes it means he gets to drink more, bless his heart. He doesn't even TRY to compete.

Dude, I totally feel you. In 2004 I volunteered at the Davis Cup and witnessed a horrendus game of ping pong between Andy Roddick and Robby Ginepri – so my theory that tennis players could play ping pong was annihilated. On the bright side, every time Andy missed a shot, the ping pog ball rolled my way, so I had to give it back to him, our hands touched more than once and that basically means we're married. Silver linings, people!

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