Bob Costas' infected eye has actually been a major story in these Sochi Olympics.  The face of NBC's primetime coverage has been battling a swollen, red eye and wearing glasses to try to cover it up since the games began.  Unfortunately, it's only getting more noticeable.  On the fifth night of these 2014 Winter Olympics, Costas' infection is getting visibly worse and seems to have even spread to both eyes.  Yikes.

Sunday Night Football colleague Cris Collinsworth voiced his support for Costas working through the infection.

It's admirable that Costas wants to work when he's obviously not 100%.  Naturally, the infection has become the subject of internet meme after internet meme, but at this point I'm actually fearing for his health.  That can't be pleasant to have to deal with when the cameras are off, let alone when you're trying to anchor a broadcast watched by 20 million people.

NBC has Al Michaels and Dan Patrick that are both more than capable of carrying the flag in primetime for the network so Costas can rest and recover.  Perhaps that would be best for everyone involved.  Although at this rate, you wonder if NBC would still put Bob Costas on in primetime even if he looked like this.

Pic via SB Nation

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