Bob Costas and Ken Rosenthal are battling over their height

On Wednesday's edition of MLB Hot Stove, Ken Rosenthal took offense at Mitch Williams suggesting that he was shorter than Bob Costas. Costas' son Keith, who works on the show, took the side of his father in the height battle.

On Thursday, things got taken to another level when the show played a voicemail from "Bob from St. Louis, New York, and temporarily, Sochi", taking Rosenthal to task for his height claims.The voicemail was obviously from Costas himself, who was confident that he could post up Rosenthal. He also vowed to go back-to-back with Rosenthal once he returns from Sochi.

Costas signed off by saying "so long, not from Secaucus, but the Russian Caucuses", which could be one of the best endings to a voicemail I've ever heard. Rosenthal immediately conceded to Costas in the height debate.

You know it must be getting late in an MLB offseason that has failed to deliver much action over the last month when the height war between Rosenthal and Costas is one of the more eventful things to happen on MLB Network.

Joe Lucia

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