Nebraska Cornhuskers head coach Bo Pelini has shown a surprisingly self-deprecating side in recent weeks.  This new side of the steely coach centers around his interaction with one of the best parody accounts on Twitter – @FauxPelini.  We’ve already seen the coach interact with his doppelganger before, but during Saturday’s spring game, the Nebraska coach took it to another amazing level.

Bo Pelini took the field with his Cornhuskers carrying a cat.  He then held it triumphantly above his head like he was Rafiki presenting a young Simba.


It was enough for Faux Pelini to cede to his alter ego…

I don’t think we can underestimate this moment.  A head coach of a major football program took a house cat onto the field as a rallying cry because of a parody Twitter account.  All the other parodies can go home now, you are never beating this.  If that isn’t the best moment in sports this year, nay, this millennium, I don’t know what could top it.

Now all I want is for that cat to become the unofficial mascot of Nebraska football.

(Pic via notthefakecbeck)

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