Earlier this week, the Cleveland Browns removed Bernie Kosar from their preseason telecasts on WKYC-TV in Cleveland. Kosar has fired back, claiming that his removal was due to a slurred speech impairment that was caused by several concussions sustained during his years playing in the NFL.

A statement from Brooke Spectorsky, president and general manager of WKYC claimed that the reason for Kosar’s removal had nothing to do with his speech, but was instead spurred by the team’s rebuild and the desire to revamp their programming after eight years of the status quo.

There have been incidents in the past involving Kosar that seem to lend some credence to his claims. Last summer, Kosar was torn to shreds after spending most of a Browns-Rams preseason game attacking the Rams. Two years ago, Kosar gave a troubling interview to a local radio station.


The station has said they aren’t backing down on the decision to dump the former Browns legend.

Kosar has had what sounds like slurred speech for some time and him claiming that concussions are what caused his behavior is quite a depressing realization. And now that the team and one of its most famous players are at odds and Kosar’s personal injury history is involved, it’s just an unfortunate situation all around.

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