The current state of American cable news is just depressing.  Partisan politics, bickering, making a mockery of “breaking news” and so much more.  CNN has lost their dignity and turned a name that was once a worldwide leader in news into a punchline for late night comedians.  Fox News thinks scary, scary diversity is out to get you and your way of life.  And yet, MSNBC may be the worst network of them all.  That’s really saying something.

For reasons that defy logic, MSNBC thought it was a good idea to give Al Sharpton a television show of his own.  And not just that, but it has somehow survived for multiple years against all odds.

The biggest of those odds just might be the most fundamental thing about hosting a cable news show – reading off a teleprompter.

The Washington Free Beacon put together one of the most hysterical montages you’ll see of Sharpton failing to read his own script and screwing up everything from Supreme Court Justices to world capitals to popular fast food chains.

Al Sharpton hosting a television show, truly one of our modern marvels.

[Washington Free Beacon]

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