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AJ McCarron’s mom Dee Dee Bonner sends dumb tweet about Jameis Winston

Celebrity these days is a fickle, fleeting, monstrous thing.  We inhabit a universe where Dee Dee Bonner, better known simply as "A.J. McCarron's mom" or "the woman that stands next to Katherine Webb" is in that class of fringe celebrities where we know her name and recognize her face, but don't fully understand why.  We only know her for shallow reasons that are symptomatic of the reality age – GIF reaction shots, bro site slideshows, and who she's related to.  

The downside to living in the magnifying glass of celebrity in the reality age is the magnifying glass.  If you say something stupid, people are going to notice.  After FSU's victory over Auburn last night, Bonner tweeted this insensitive remark during Jameis Winston's postgame interview to her 20,000 followers.

If she had 2,000 followers instead of 20,000 followers, maybe that deleted tweet sneaks into the Twitter black hole never to be seen again.  Alas, that's the price of celebrity and staying in the spotlight well beyond your 15 minutes of fame.  To make matters worse for Bonner, Winston was actually a 4.0 student in high school.

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