AA Podcast #77 – Grant Hill

For today's podcast we welcome one of the most accomplished NBA players of this generation – 7-time All-Star Grant Hill. Grant has made the full-time transition to broadcasting with Turner Sports as the co-host of Inside Stuff on NBA TV. Today, Grant chats with AA about that broadcast career and the NBA season so far. Topics include…

-HIs roles at NBA All-Star weekend including being A GM for the Rising Stars Challenge. -Whether the NBA should make any changes to All-Star weekend to revive interest.
-His transition to broadcasting and why he chose a career in television.
-How his co-workers at Turner like Charles Barkley and Chris Webber have helped him during his rookie season.
-Relaunching Inside Stuff, his conversation with the original hosts, and his desire to give being a game analyst a try.
-Why Kevin Durant is having a better season than LeBron James and is the MVP frontrunner.
-The East-West discrepancy being more extreme than ever.
-The rise of the Portland Trail Blazers as the best story of the season behind Damian Lillard and LaMarcus Aldridge… but why they're not true title contenders. Really interesting insights from Grant on the playoff grind and what's in store for Portland.
-Which player today reminds him most of himself.


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A really great conversation with one of the NBA greats and someone just beginning what should be a stellar broadcast career.

For more from Grant, follow him on Twitter @realgranthill33.

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