The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Although Brent Musburger's interview with Marshall Mathers went viral it's Matt Millen's inability to complete a sentence that is the surprise winner in this week's Pammies.  He takes the lead and pulls ahead of Mark May in the early stages of the 2013 Pammies chase.  Week 2's Top 10 and updated standings are after the jump…

10) "How many plays can Miami defensively defend?" – Brian Griese (via themib)

9) "Aztec Nation hanging in there" – Sean McDonough going into commercial with San Diego State down 42-7 to Ohio State. (via ajordan1210)

8) "Coaches do not like pre-snap penalties before the ball is snapped." – Chuck Long (via sctvman)

7) "The other shoe is on the foot now." – Lou Holtz (via jeff_rhodes)

6) "Notre Dame had six turnovers and no touchdowns against the Irish last year." – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

5) "This game just might be out of reach." – Ovie Mughelli on a 41-7 game in the 4th quarter. (via adamchappelle)

4) "You can't go into a game without a game plan." – Mark May (via gsburke3)

3) "Will the Lions cover 4 1/2 against Minnesota tomorrow?" – Brent Musburger to Eminem (via AA)

2) "5 turnovers in 6 plays. That's enough to make Petrino want to take a motorcycle ride." – Rece Davis (via CaptTouchback)

1) "Let your guys enjoy their athletic…their athletic…whatever you want to call it." – Matt Millen (via lennyvanglider)

Week 2 Standings

1) Matt Millen 20 pts

2) Mark May 17 pts

3) Lee Corso 10 pts

T4) Jesse Palmer 9 pts

T4) Rece Davis 9 pts

Others receiving votes: Brent Musburger 8 pts, Glen Mason 8 pts, Eric Collins 7 pts, Lou Holtz 7 pts, Ovie Mughelli 6 pts, Chuck Long 3 pts, Justin Kutcher 2 pts, Sean McDonough 2 pts, Aaron Taylor 1 pt, Brian Griese 1 pt.

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