Your latest piece of analytical brilliance from Matt Millen

ESPN college football analyst Matt Millen is prone to saying some headscratching things in his role as "expert."  He won last year's Pammies and is tied for first this year.  A couple years ago he argued for LSU quarterback Jarrett Lee to start for the Miami Hurricanes.

So this week, when Millen said he would put Missouri randomly in the Top 2 conversation with Alabama and Florida State instead of say #3 Ohio State or #4 Baylor, nobody batted an eye…

I've been something of a Missouri football and basketball fan ever since the days of the Fifth Down and Norm Stewart, but in no way shape or form should the Tigers be in the same conversation as Alabama and Florida State at this point.  If they didn't blow a 17-0 home lead against South Carolina, then sure, Millen may have a point here… but Missouri would also be ranked 3rd or 4th in the country and not 8th.  Why not put Georgia up there in that convesation?  After all, they've only suffered four pesky losses and everyone in the state is day to day with an injury.  It's a little thing I like to call results.

Just imagine how crazy Ohio State fans will be when Missouri jumps them in the polls this week.

Matt Yoder

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