The level of starpower that the New York Yankees are putting on the field this season is extremely low. There's no Derek Jeter, there's no Alex Rodriguez, Mark Teixeira, Curtis Granderson, and Kevin Youkilis have all only played a handful of games, and the Bronx Bombers are only four games above .500 and fourth in the AL East. That lack of production on the field has resulted in drops in both local ratings and attendance at Yankee Stadium.

Local ratings on YES this year are down to 2.52 (through June 25th) this season from 4.17 last year, a drop of 40%. Attendance at Yankee Stadium has fallen below the 40,000 mark, a drop of 4,000 fans per game or a nearly 10% loss.

It's interesting, though, because the Yankees didn't exactly have an awful first two months of the season. The team was seven games above .500 and just two games out of the AL East lead on June 1st, largely due to their unknown cast of characters. This isn't a team like the Marlins that has been in the basement all year and had no expectations coming into the year. But New York loves star power, and this Yankees team just has none. It almost makes you want to analyze how strong the Yankees brand is, and if fans are attracted to that interlocking NY or the players who wear it.

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