Thursday the NBA's trading deadline came and went without any major moves happening.  Unless you count Jordan Crawford going to the Celtics or J.J. Redick being swapped for Beno Udrih one that will have an impact on the rest of the 2013 season.  In spite of the lack of action, NBA insiders were busy throughout the day reporting the various deals with sources informing them on the comings and goings of Anthony Morrow, Eric Maynor, and Dexter Pittman.

At AA it was a happy "Chris Broussard's Sources Day!"  As much needling as Chris Broussard gets for his mysterious sources, I wondered, is he really the NBA's sources king?  Remember, this is the guy that referenced "Sources" after Deron Williams himself announced who he was signing with.  But are Broussard's Sources really a match for the other top NBA reporters?  Does Broussard use "sources" more or less than his NBA reporting brethren?

On the 2013 Trade Deadline Day, forget who were the winners and losers in the association.  We want to know whose sources reigned supreme and which NBA reporter used the most sources in their tweets on deadline day.  The answer may surprise you…

Marc Stein, ESPN

Total tweets: 22
Sources tweets: 2
Percentage: 9.1%

Chris Broussard, ESPN

Total tweets: 14
Sources tweets: 7
Percentage: 50%

David Aldridge, TNT

Total tweets: 22
Sources tweets: 12
Percentage: 54.5%

Ken Berger, CBS

Total tweets: 36
Sources tweets: 22
Percentage: 61.1%

Marc Spears, Yahoo

Total tweets: 23
Sources tweets: 15
Percentage: 65.2%

Adrian Wojnarowski, Yahoo

Total tweets: 48
Sources tweets: 37
Percentage: 77.1%

In a surprising twist of fate, the NBA's Sources King is… Adrian Wojnarowski and Yahoo Sports.  Chris Broussard's Sources finished all the way back in 5th place (maybe they're still on vacation from this summer) and only ESPN counterpart Marc Stein's Sources had a quieter trade deadline day.  In fact, Yahoo took the top two spots percentage wise with Wojnarowski and Marc Spears.  Ken Berger's Sources also had a strong day, but it was still no match for Wojo's Mojo.

Looks like for all the attention they get, ESPN's Sources are falling way behind Yahoo's Sources, at least when it comes to the NBA's trading deadline.

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