When staged sports talk radio urine tests go wrong

Nothing could go wrong when a sports talk radio show stages their own urine tests as a response to another steroid scandal in baseball, right?  Of course not!  Except for the whole "bumbling producer spills cup of urine all over the host" thing.  This happened on Boomer and Carton this morning on WFAN in New York (and simulcasted on MSG) and with Carton's anger and Esiason's laughter, it's pretty good acting if it is indeed a gag.

If that actually is a cup of pee all over Craig Carton and this was all unplanned, I'd say he's actually holding it together pretty well considering the circumstances.  As for me, I always do my own urine tests within the safety of my own home.  Just to avoid this very thing.

H/T LevityNYC

Matt Yoder

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