New York sports talk radio kingpin Mike Francesa can be a bit of a diva.  Ok, not a bit of a diva.  A diva that would put the Lohans, Kardashians, and Hiltons to shame.  We've seen Mike fall asleep on the job, battle prank callers, and rant about an unclean working environment all in the last several months.  Now comes this clip from Tuesday's show of Francesa irate because his own producer dared to even think about shooting him from a side angle!  It's miraculous Francesa could even continue the show with such horrifying working conditions.  Mikey says he's wearing shorts, so maybe he's really shy about showing some leg on the YES Network.  If it's just a little shyness about his lower body physique, I know of a guy on the Yankees who knows a guy who knows a guy who just may be able to help out.

Tip of the Twitter cap to Jimmy Traina for the video.

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