If you live on this planet and are able to functionally decipher the inner workings of the internet, you've probably seen "The Fox" by Ylvis. It's a comedic, dance, Europop, internet sensation that examines what animals actually say, specifically foxes. In the natural order of viral hits, various people and organizations begin to do their own versions, like the Miami Heat with their "Harlem Shake" video last year.

This time, it's the Dallas Mavericks trying to find out what a "Mav" says.

This video is educational in multiple ways: It proves that Dirk Nowitzki can't sing, and that a Mav apparently says "ring-ding-ding-a-ding-ding" and "pow-pow-pow-pow-pow" while also teaching the audience that Vince Carter is not only still in the NBA, but is still playing for the Dallas Mavericks. I definitely thought he retired. Newly signed Mavericks shooting guard Monta Ellis is not in the video and must've been too busy to participate in this team-building exercise.


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