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Can Matt Millen keep his lead against a hard charging cavalcade of fellow Bristolites?  Mark May, Lee Corso, and Lou Holtz are all in the running for this year's Pammies crown.  Here now your Pammy nominees for Week 5 after the jump…

1) "Smart players make smart decisions. Not smart players make not so smart decisions." – Matt Millen (via FauxJustinHunter)

2) "There's really not another Mike Evans on this roster." – Brock Huard (via themarkup)

3) "Rees throws, intercepted! No, it's dropped! No, it's gonna be run back. 14-0 Sooners. Wait, he's ruled down." – Don Criqui on Notre Dame radio. (via pearsonjeff)

4) "Former Illini Mike Hopkins will be on the international space station until March 2004." – Eric Collins (via cbusch209)

5) "Wilds left the field with his arm on a stretcher." – Dave Pasch (via mark12812)

6) "When you're getting out-physicaled by the defense…" – Brian Griese (via brobeans3)

7) "He's got a rope… and he can smoke it." – Beth Mowins mixing metaphors. (via blythedustin)

8) "I hate to do this, but I am going against Jesus." – Lee Corso picking OU over ND (via rokcesnovar)

9) "Watching Tommie Rees is like watching Peyton Manning." – Dan Hicks (via capttouchback)

10) "They're going to have to outscore the Tigers to win this game." – Lee Corso (via acjoeyjones)

11) Jesse Palmer: Logan Thomas can reach the endzone here on 2 knees.
Rece Davis: But if he does that he'll be down. (via scotty_row)

12) "He's got go-kart type quickness." – Chris Spielman (via sctvman)

13) "This is the quintessential Rick Leach offense." – Matt Millen on Mike Leach (via cmmenta)

14) "The Big Ten has got a great reputation when you look at what they've done with the SEC in bowl games." – Lou Holtz (via AA)

15) "If I was throwing the podium, I would probably win." – Mark May (via AA)

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Vote for your Week 5 Pammy Nominees!


Grab a cool, tall glass of beaver juice and join us for our Week 5 Pammy Nominees!  Your full list of nominees and poll are after the jump!

1)  "Believe it or not, we're told that Wazzu is trending on the social media site, Twitter." – Mark Jones, so hip during Oregon/Washington St. (via CK29)

2) "Cocky hasn't had much to crow about tonight." – Mike Patrick (via TheBlightning)

3) "This is a QB draw from Jump Street." – Ed Cunningham (via sctvman)

4) "Jack Russell should play for Butler. He could be a Jack Russell Terrier." – Brad Nessler (via CBusch209) Butler are the Bulldogs.

5) "THE COWBOYS! BAM 69!" – Gus Johnson (via the506)

6) "They don't have a lot of timeouts left" – Dan Hawkins on Cincy having no timeouts left (via FakeMikeLondon)

7) "Be sure to get tickets for one of the top bowl games of the year the BBVA Compass bowl" – Dave Neal (via philipjtang)

8) "It's got to be inconclusive video evidence to overturn the call on the field." – Andre Ware. (via sjwest86)

9) "Ohio State & Michigan State features the only showdown between 2 ranked teams this weekend." – Carter Blackburn, forgetting the existence of WVU-Baylor.

10) "I'm not big on the Beavers right now, I know David Pollack is big on the Beavers, he's sipping that Beaver juice." – Desmond Howard (video via SBNation)

11) "Thats what the kids today call 'beasting' a football" – Charles Davis (via TroyMauriello) Those kids and the things they say today.

12) "He's listed at six-one but he's really only about six-foot." – Todd Blackledge on Taylor Martinez (via thomasbeisner)

13) "I don't have the greatest memory for words at my age" – Lou Holtz (via sommelierMark)

14) "Wild card here" – Verne Lundquist when Tennessee got into the wildcat. (via CantonJayne)

15) "When you think of the defensive trenches in the Big 10, you think about Ndamukong Suh." – David Pollack (via bubbaprog)  Ndamukong Suh played for Nebraska when they were in the Big XII, not the Big 10.

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Vote For Your Week 5 Pammy Nominees!

A Pam Ward free week is behind us, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some great quotes to choose from for our Pammy nominees.  Honestly, we could have narrowed the nominees this week to an all CBS lineup as Gary Danielson and Steve Beuerlein were both in top form.    As a reminder as to how the Pammy vote works, each week we’ll nominate 15-20 quotes for you to pick the best 10.  The winning quote of the week will earn that person 10 points all the way down to 1 point for 10th.  Remember, you can vote for your favorite five quotes.  Here are your Week 5 nominees…

1) “Dave Wannstedt did a great job here at Pittsburgh” – Craig James (via many people).  Wanny never reached a BCS bowl and was 42-31 as a coach.

2) “USF have been lacked with a big physical runner.” – Jesse Palmer, you have been lacked with 3rd grade English. (via bjo109)

3) “To upset Wisconsin, Nebraska has to outscore them.” – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

4) “It’s a Persa party in Champaign today!” – Beth Mowins (via chadder)

5) Paul Burmeister: “Shaun, what do you like about Kellen Moore?”
Shaun King: “He is really good.”
Thanks, Shaun. (via bjo109)

6) “That’s not a way to win winning football.” – Brian Griese (via Chris Schenkel)

7) “Quan Bray was wide open, which gave the perception that he was wide open.” – Steve Beuerlein (via BenBragg)

8) “If Bill Snyder kicks that extra point, it’s 22:19.” – Bob Davie (via MasseyOnTheCall) when Kansas State was down 21-19, went for 2 instead PAT.

9) “Could have been a completion had he caught the ball.” – Matt Millen (via kbrownatc)

10) “Well the strategy is what it is.” – Steve Beuerlein (via Chris Schenkel).  Thanks, Steve.

11) “There is a good possibility one of these teams will suffer their first loss.” – Gary Danielson (via ATLNagel) in a game featuring unbeaten Florida vs unbeaten Alabama.

12) “As someone who rode the Pam Am stock to 0, I may wait a few weeks before jumping on board” – Brent Musburger (via sctvman), always the gambler.

13) “Nice throw but it was overthrown by a foot and a half.” – Gary Danielson (via bjo109)

14) “He’s so cool. It seems hard for him to get that emotional.” – Lou Holtz (via AlexFromBuffalo) on… of all people… Mike Gundy.

15) “Luck is a big, strong guy. he goes in there with the trees and cows.” – Brian Baldinger (via bjo109)

16) “I’ll tell you…I can’t begin to tell you.” – Brett Favre (via RickRoswell) on Mississippi HS football.

17) “The good teams are good at what they do.” – Brett Favre (via RickRoswell)

Vote For Your Week 5 Pammy Nominees! (vote for up to five)

The winners will come Wednesday morning so make sure you vote early and often and check back for the full Week 6 announcing sked later this week!

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