This week's memorable celebrity appearance in college football didn't come from a spaced out Eminem, but rather country singer Lyle Lovett, whose football analysis is already better than the likes of Lou Holtz and Mark May.  Sign this guy up, Fox Sports 1!  Just make sure you protect your podiums.  Here now your Pammy nominees for Week 3…

1) "Watching a fast team play a slow team is kind of like watching the Jetsons play the Flintstones." – Ed Cunningham (via CUbsfan)

2) "That is a man play.  That is how you get off." – Matt Millen (via Kyle_Whitfield)

3) "They're just being out-efforteded." – Joey Harrington (via halosbeavpanths)

4) "I don't know how you got your mouth around that thing, partner." – Brad Nessler to Todd Blackledge after Taste of the Town (via solidorange13)

5) "I don't know what a football player is supposed to look like, but he looks like one." – Glen Mason (via krupy445)

6) "I'm getting upset and I mean it sincerely because you don't listen.  All you're thinking about is 'we have 8 more months till basketball starts.'  That's the only thing important to you.  You don't listen to a damn thing.  I am damn sick and tired of everyone jumping on coaches and you particulary and I mean that sincerely.  I don't want to do this damn thing anymore and I mean it.  [knocks over podium]  And that ain't an act, to hell with it." – Lou Holtz to Rece Davis, Mark May, and anyone who would listen. (via AA)

7) "It all comes down to CJ Mosely, who will be shadowing Johnny Mosley all year." – Gary Danielson with the double dip (via TheNickRuiz)

8) "Here's a nit, let's pick it." – Verne Lundquist (via AA)

9) "I've played in National Championship games and Super Bowls but this game here (A&M-Bama) tops them all." – Spencer Tillman (via GCT_7)

10) "I don't know what you just said, but I agree 100%" – Brian Jones (via jrhoward81)

11) "I'd take the points and kick it here." – Joey Galloway on a 21 point deficit with 7 minutes to play (via mrpowerhoward)

12) "When you rush the football, you don't want to take lost yardage plays." – Chuck Long (via GamboaConstrictor)

13) "Kirk, after the first quarter, the Tide outscored Alabama 24-9" – Lee Corso (via sctvman)

14) "That score you see is correct, Akron has a 3 point lead with 4:05 to go." – Kevin Kugler

15) "A couple of seniors having a senior moment." – J Leman (via midniteride)

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