Legendary Los Angeles Dodgers announcer Vin Scully went on a legendary tangent last night after reading a Twitter poll to the fans at home.  After saying the options "#HittersPark" or "#PitchersPark" he asked the question on every person's mind over the age of 65, "what in the world is hashtag?"

Vin took part in an offseason Twitter Q&A with the Dodgers, but he must have missed the reasoning for the #AskVin hashtag.

Scully then seamlessly moves to more things that don't make sense, namely, DirecTV's new DogTV channel, which as it indicates is television for dogs.  Again, Vin asks the question on everyone's mind.  How do you sell sponsors to dogs?  What's the point of advertising when human beings are away from the television?  And why not a channel made for cats?  These are the kind of insights that have separated from Vin Scully from other announcers for over six decades.

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