Vin Scully reflects on meeting Branch Rickey

Jackie Robinson Day every year takes special significance for the Dodgers, Robinson's team in the majors. This year, Robinson's widow Rachel and daughter Sharon were at Dodger Stadium for pregame ceremonies, and Harrison Ford of the new movie 42 threw out the first pitch.

In the film, Ford plays former Dodgers general manager Branch Rickey, who in addition to signing Robinson also hired Vin Scully. During Monday's broadcast, Scully relayed his memories of his job interview with Rickey, which began with Rickey asking Scully about his marital status and ended with "get a girl, go steady, get engaged, and get married!" 

It's pretty amazing to think that while Robinson and Rickey are gone, Scully remains as a reminder of the days when the Dodgers were located in Brooklyn, and that bit of history makes you long for the days before broadcast roles became a game of musical chairs.

Joe Lucia

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