On Thursday, we brought you the story of Mike Piazza trashing Vin Scully in his new autobiography, related to an interview that Scully did with Piazza that Piazza felt turned the fanbase against him. Well, the video of the interview Piazza was referring to has surfaced, and things don't exactly seem to be as Piazza claimed.

In the interview, Scully mentions Piazza's ultimatum, and asks him to explain what he meant by it. Piazza explains, and Scully references the word "ultimatum" being very heavy-handed before Piazza once again reiterates that he didn't mean to use the word so seriously. Then, the conversation moves on to topics unrelated to Piazza's contract, with Scully hilariously focusing on Piazza's stolen bases.

Really? This is what Piazza construed as Scully turning the Dodgers fanbase against him? With this interview being unearthed, Piazza looks like a fool for his comments about Scully when nothing of the sort happened. All that happened in this interview was Scully asking for clarification about Piazza's comments, Piazza giving them, and that's it.  Watching the interview, you don't get the sense at all that Scully is biased against Piazza or showing any sort animosity at all.

Now, maybe Piazza just made a mistake by lumping the fans and Scully together in the same breath. But that's a decision he consciously made in authoring this book, and now he's going to have to face the ramifications from making reckless claims when reality is far, far different.

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