Bernardo LaPollo attended Saturday's Yankees-Red Sox game in the Bronx.  So did 48,783 other people.  But Bernardo LaPollo was the only one who claims to have been born in 1901.  That predates all of the Yankees' 27 World Series victories and coincides with the founding of the franchise as the Baltimore Orioles.  LaPollo also has the claim of shaking hands with both Babe Ruth and Derek Jeter.

LaPollo isn't like those other lame 111 year olds just waiting for their time to finally expire – he's out taking on the world.  Look at this guy!  He puts Bob Costas and his boyish charm to shame with how well he's beat Father Time into submission.  LaPollo doesn't look a day over 60 and may be in better physical condition than half the Yankees bullpen.

Now, in the wake of his newfound publicity, there are folks trying to rain on LaPollo's parade disputing his age and saying he was born in 1910 instead of 1901.  This would ONLY MAKE HIM 102 YEARS OLD!!!!  Are you kidding me?!?!  For this guy to be walking around the Yankee Stadium field and being closer to suiting up than Alex Rodriguez would be an accomplishment for anyone over 75.  I don't care if he's 102, 111, or anywhere in between – this modern day Methuselah has found the proverbial fountain of youth.  And, he gives a very coherent, interesting interview as witnessed with Fox's Ken Rosenthal.

Best of all, I think we just found our new frontrunner to replace Tim McCarver!

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