The highlight of the NFL Combine every year isn't draft stocks rising and falling, and it sure isn't the pervasive nature of NFL teams inspecting every inch of the athletes on display.  No, it's Rich Eisen's 40 yard dash dressed in full suit.  2013 marked the 9th year the NFL Network anchor has ran the 40 yard dash for entertainment purposes, which is amazing in and of itself because it seems like just yesterday Eisen was teaming with Stuart Scott on SportsCenter.  Somehow NFL Network has turned Eisen's 40 yard dash into an event, proving the NFL can make anything, even a television anchor running 40 yards, seem important.

Eisen's time of 6.03 last year was a new personal best and an improvement of .74 seconds off his first dash in 2005.  Could he break the 6 second barrier in 2013?  Here's the videotape:

Incredibly, Eisen matched his personal best from last year in a 6.03.  If he would have dropped his hands just a little more, I think he could have shaved those elusive .04 seconds.

For the 10th anniversary next year, Eisen needs to offer an open challenge to any NFL anchor.  You know Trey Wingo is waiting for his opportunity.  Let's make this happen!

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