Last night's Spurs-Warriors game was a true NBA playoff classic.  A game that went into double overtime and included a 16 point comeback with 4 minutes to play at the end of regulation.  A game that had the league's most exciting young superstar, Steph Curry, put up 44 and 11 while playing all 58 minutes, including a stretch of 14 points in less than 3 minutes in the third quarter.  A game that featured so many thrilling twists and turns – players fouling out, players getting sick, players you've never heard of making huge baskets (Kent Bazemore?!?!) that finally ended when Manu Ginobili hit a game winning three with just over a second left.

Last night's Spurs-Warriors game was overshadowed by a much greater, much more evil presence though.  A presence that gave millions of Americans nightmares as they laid down their heads, hopelessly searching for peace after the terror they had experienced.

The terror that is Screaming Spurs Lady.

As basketball fans around the country were captivated by the action, Screaming Spurs Lady pierced through TENS OF THOUSANDS OF FANS AND THE AMBIENT SOUNDS OF AN NBA BROADCAST with her fear-inducing cries.  Here's the first video of the end of regulation via WorldofIsaac.  Please, for the love of all that is holy, if you are wearing headphones turn them down!

How can anyone scream for that length of time at that volume?  That wasn't all, for seemingly every basket by the Spurs in the two overtimes, the shrieks were building in intensity and at many points were louder than whatever it was Dick Stockton and Chris Webber were trying to say.  At the end of OT2, Dick Stockton lets the crowd tell the story of Manu Ginobili's three.  In normal situations, it's an admirable trait to step aside.  Not last night when you have this fan who must have the equivalent vocal cords to Secretariat's enormous heart…

Could nobody from TNT at any stretch in the final hour of last night's game turn behind the broadcast booth and ask this fan to tone it down just a notch?  

Just add this to the list of reasons why America will never truly embrace the Spurs.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to sit in a dark room and see if this ringing in my ears will subside.

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