Tonight's 1-0 USA victory over Costa Rica in 2014 World Cup Qualifying will be remembered for years and years to come thanks to blizzard conditions we've never seen for a soccer game.  We just need a name for it.  The Snow Bowl is already taken, hmm… maybe the folks at the Weather Channel can think of something since they're into naming every storm with an inch of precipitation these days.  Anyways, credit goes to everyone involved, especially the ESPN broadcast team.  Ian Darke and Taylor Twellman were great in the booth providing context to the unprecedented circumstances.  And the on-site OUTDOOR studio crew of Bob Ley, Alexi Lalas, and Kasey Keller put in yeoman's work in unique conditions.  If there's anyone I want on the front lines in Bristol leading the troops into unknown territory like this, it's General Ley.  He doesn't even need a fluffy winter hat!  That's true leadership!

Pic via pplcallmeblue

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