The UFC will be launching its own dedicated channel in Mexico and the rest of Latin America near the end of 2013. 20 countries across Latin America, excluding Brazil, will have access to the network.

The network will be subscription based, and will show MMA programming 24/7, featuring fights from not only the UFC, but also their former competitors PRIDE, WEC, and Strikeforce. There will also be original programming on the network, including Spanish language reality shows. 

While this isn't going to have a huge effect on fans in America, it's a huge step forward for the UFC. There have been rumblings of a UFC Network being launched in America, potentially in the slot of Fuel before the conversion to Fox Sports 2 was announced. If the network in Latin America takes off, and there are reasons to believe that it will (mainly the fervor of Latin American fans for the sport of MMA), I'd expect the idea of a channel in America to start gaining steam, especially since the UFC has Fox's backing. The UFC already has a paid channel on Youtube (UFC Select) and a VOD service on their website (, and a network would be the next logical step for them.


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