Twitter Wars: Desmond Howard vs Chadd Scott


Desmond Howard is a former Heisman Trophy winner and studio analyst for ESPN's College Gameday, one of the most popular and successful pregame shows in all of sports.

Chadd Scott is a Jacksonville radio personality at 1010XL, blogger, and former producer for The Herd.

In spite of their varying levels of fame and notoriety, Twitter is the great equalizer.  The two came to social media fisticuffs out of the blue this week.  It all started over a light-hearted tweet Howard sent about Ole Miss and their insane Signing Day success.

Scott wasn't in a joking mood and took offense to Howard painting all of Southern football with an extra benefits brush.  You know, because clearly Oxford, Mississippi is a prime destination for top high school football recruits all of a sudden.  Scott wasn't just a fan of Howard's tweet, he took the opportunity to call him the most useless analyst in the sport.  That apparently was not a joke.

At least he didn't wish firing or death upon him.

The exchange began pleasantly enough with Howard continuing to take the high road…

Until Scott dragged him in to a full fleged fracas…

From there the Scott and Howard took the gloves off for a good old-fashioned Twitter War with the pair exchanging insults, haymakers, and even a couple thumbs to the eye.  Could the underdog Scott channel the spirit of Appalachain State and pull off the upset in The Big House?  Or would the Michigan Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN heavyweight keep down the Cinderella hopeful?  Get your popcorn ready, let's get it on!

Scott landed a few shots early in the fight, but to be honest he came off a little whiny and bitter at times.  The whole "I got to ESPN before you did" argument fell flat as did calling Howard's Heisman Trophy the easier path to television stardom.  Of course it helps when you're a college football analyst, but I don't think there's anything easy about winning a Heisman.  Additionally, trying to use a Twitter War to hock books was almost worthy of an automatic disqualification.  In the end, Desmond Howard was way too strong.  

Who knew Howard was so skilled at laying the smack down on Twitter?  This performance vaults Howard into Deitschian territory with some of the best we've seen.  It was like watching Alabama roll over Notre Dame.  Every time Scott swung at Howard, he got hit back with a more precise, more vicious counterpunch.  "But you enjoy Jacksonville radio and best wishes on the blog!" is top shelf trolling.  That's the gold standard of backhanded compliments as far as I'm concerned.  The frowny face after the dig at Scott's talent is Player Hater's Ball worthy.  As is the repeated use of "buddy."  Even Howard's Twitter profile pic is saying "come at me bro, if you dare."


The winner of this Twitter War is Desmond Howard, via 6th Round KO.  Agree with the final verdict?  Have your say in our poll…

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