Move over Tebowing, Kaepernicking, Gangnam Style, and Call Me Maybe. The Harlem Shake is the latest "sensation" to sweep the Internet. As nearly every team, group of friends and office tries to submit their own version of the Shake, TSN SportsCentre decided to jump in on the action. 

The Canadian SportsCentre is everything the United States version wishes it could be. It's relevant, insightful and perhaps most importantly, fun. SportsCentre doesn't waste hours of your day analyzing what Tim Tebow ate for lunch or endlessly comparing Michael Jordan to LeBron James because they know no one cares. Instead, they offer news and analysis (mostly on hockey) presented by some of the most entertaining anchors on television (see: Jay Onrait and more Jay Onrait).

The American version would be wise to take some notes instead of just increasing the amount of pointless drivel they throw at viewers. 

H/T meat_missile

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