We're used to seeing celebrities courtside at Los Angeles Lakers games, but when it comes to their hockey counterparts, the name most commonly associated with the Kings has been Matthew Perry

That is, until Saturday night, when Tom Hanks was spotted at Staples Center taking in the Kings game against the Calgary Flames with his wife, Rita Wilson.

Hanks was not your average fairweather celebrity "fan", either. With just under five minutes left in the third period and the Kings trailing 1-0, they appeared to tie the game on a bit of a controversial goal after which play briefly continued before the whistles were blown.

While the Kings were celebrating, the Hockey Night in Canada cameras cut to Hanks and Wilson, and this is how they reacted:

Hanks was clearly making the universal sign for "get on the phone and review that call", which was odd considering the play was ruled a goal on the ice and the team was celebrating it.

The play was reviewed and the goal stood, but Flames forward Mike Cammalleri scored with 23 seconds left and the Flames won 2-1. 

Let's give credit to Hanks for being invested in the game. It will be interesting to see if Hanks' passion and new viral status bring more celebrities out to Kings games. We'll be here ready to evaluate their fandom if and when it happens.

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