This morning, Matt Lauer and The Today Show promoted their exclusive interview with Jerry Sandusky from prison, set to air Monday. Sandusky will apparently speak out on the events at Penn State that led to his arrest and conviction on child sex abuse charges.

Sandusky has not been interviewed since he was sentenced to 30-60 years in prison last October. After Sandusky's disastrous interview with Bob Costas in November of 2011, I can only imagine what kind of lies and delusion he is going to spew at us.

"I say that I am innocent of those charges."

"I have done some of those things."

I can't even listen to the full interview with Costas again because this man is so vile. It wasn't announced by Today who is going to interview Sandusky this time.

It's baffling to me why Today would even want to TALK to Sandusky. Either he will again delusionally profess his innocence or he'll pull some sort of sick mea culpa and confess to his crimes on a morning talk show. My personal hope was that he'd go to prison and we wouldn't have to hear about his disgusting acts of abuse ever again. To now have to hear him speak publicly again is only doing a disservice to the victims. Today is even marketing the interview as "Jerry Sandusky In His Own Words." Gross.


It's worth noting that Today has fallen behind ABC's Good Morning America in the ratings and Matt Lauer is on the hot seat. You would hope any show wouldn't have to stoop so low as to turn to Jerry Sandusky to get people to watch.

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