Brent Musburger has finally spoken about his fondness of Katherine Webb to one of the top investigative journalism networks in the world… TMZ? Ok, whatever. Whoever was behind the camera for TMZ started off on the right foot with Musburger saying that no one in their office thought Brent did anything wrong and asked if he had spoken with Webb yet. He has not. There's three main takeaways from Musburger's impromptu interview with TMZ.

1) Muburger doesn't think he did anything wrong. He paused for longer than expected before answering that question, but he still said no.

2) He doesn't think he launched Webb's career, though there is strong evidence to the contrary. Sure, she may have been Miss Alabama, but while the game was still being played she gained over 100K Twitter followers (now has over 200K). The morning after the game she was on The Today Show. Then it was announced she'd be in the 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition, and yesterday she announced she'd be covering the Super Bowl for Inside Edition. I mean… really, Brent? You don't think you and Herbie fawning all over her and her subsequent close ups on national television had anything to do with her newfound fame? Oh, okay.

3) About ESPN's apology over his remarks he says, “Individuals say what individuals say, and corporations do what corporations do. Obviously, they felt it was the right thing for them to do."

I really think, at this point, this whole thing is being blown out of proportion. Musburger was fawning over her, yes, but never crossed the line into anything overtly creepy. Although Musburger was diplomatic to his employer, he didn't seem to appreciate ESPN apologizing on his behalf. (Although I think TMZ saying Musburger is "Pissed at ESPN" is too strong.)

Webb herself has said she wasn't offended. How could she be, though? She has a whole new career she probably didn't imagine would quite literally happen overnight.

Too bad TMZ didn't ask Brent what he really thinks about Holly Rowe.

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