Ohio State fans do not like Desmond Howard. The former wide receiver won the Heisman in 1991 and struck this famous pose during THE GAME the same year after returning a punt for a touchdown.

So, those Buckeye fans hold a grudge, and while I like Howard, I can unfortunately relate to holding a grudge for an inappropriate period of time (coughcoughTerryPorterNOTPASSINTERFERENCEcoughcough).

On Saturday, Twitter user The0SU posted this picture of Howard unknowingly being the "I" in the O-H-I-O pose that Buckeye fans are so fond of:

As someone who has been photobombed by an OSU fan, all I can say is you just have to go with it. If photobombing him makes OSU fans feel better and enacts some measure of revenge, well they could do a lot worse. At least OSU fans probably like Howard these days more than Mark May.

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