This is what it sounds like when you lose to the Wizards on a buzzer beater…

Yesterday we saw the winning side of a dramatic buzzer beater with this great Butler radio call of their last second victory over Gonzaga.  But what about the losing side?  Nothing brings AA more perverse delight than hearing a dejected buzzer beater call when an announcer's soul is crushed.  Check out this call from Blazers announcer Mike Barrett last night as the Wizards' Jordan Crawford nailed this three at the horn for a 98-95 win.  Losing on a buzzer beater at home is bad enough, but when it's the Wizards, it's doubly depressing.

For what it's worth, the Wizards call from Steve Buckhantz goes all out proclaiming the shot the "dagger of the year"…

Matt Yoder

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