This is what it sounds like when you get run over calling a basketball game

One of the most memorable plays of this week's 24 hour college hoops marathon had little to do with basketball and everything to do with announcers getting splattered into mush by players flying into the scorers table.  That's what happened in the LSU-UMass game, but what makes this clip unique is we have the audio of the announcer that was standing on the tracks when the train came through.

UMass radio play by play man Chris Doherty gets destroyed in one of the more violent player-announcer collisions you'll see.  Somehow Doherty, and his equipment, survived the encounter and he continued to broadcast all the way through it.  Heck, it even seemed to energize him a little bit.  I can totally see Jeff Van Gundy volunteering to do something like this in the future.

[Barstool Boston]

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