This is the saddest NHL goal call ever


I really wish we could feature local announcers more often at AA.  (That means your e-mail and Twitter tips faithful readers!)  Not because there's a diamond in the rough out there somewhere, but because there is just a GOLD MINE of material in broadcast booths across this great land of ours.  Enter Colorado Avalanche play by play man Mike Haynes.

Monday night, the Avalanche lost in OT to the Columbus Blue Jackets and Haynes' call of the game winning goal in overtime is spectacularly disconsolate…

You might not have heard it in the video, but Haynes actually did say "score" for that goal.  He didn't as much say it as he did whisper it with the pain and anguish of a small child who lost his favorite toy.  It's tremendous.  It's like you can sense Haynes' excitement that the Avalanche may be close to winning and then all that hope is taken away in an instant.


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Puck Daddy put together a brilliant list of some of Haynes' saddest goal calls, which is definitely worth checking out in its entirety.  Here's another great "call" from another Colorado OT loss earlier this season when Mike Haynes turns into the NHL version of Hawk Harrelson after someone hits a walk off against the White Sox…

Tremendous.  Jack Edwards gets all the attention for being the biggest homer announcer in the NHL, but after listening to these clips I have to think Haynes could give him a run for his money.  Not from the frothing lunatic who's ready to jump out on the ice and duke it out with the other team, but from the angle that every close defeat crushes his soul into tiny pieces like one crushes ice with a hammer.  Of course, if I were broadcasting Avalanche games sitting in last place in the Western Conference… I'd probably have reason to be sad too.

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