Jay Onrait's AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit to promote his new book Anchorboy was everything we hoped it would be. The off-the-cuff host of Fox Sports Live on FS1 provided hilarity, insight and some rather …personal… relevations about himself during his Q&A. He also touched on some rather blunt questions about his move from TSN to FS1. 

We recommend reading Onrait's AMA in its entirety, but here are 10 of our favorite responses. 

Got any hidden talents?

large penis

Marry, bang, kill. Bob Mckenzie, Dan O Toole, James Duthie?

Marry James. Kill Dan. Bang Bob

Do you ever feel more restricted at Fox Sports 1 than you did at TSN? Or is it a more open and free environment?

Maybe even MORE open.

Why did you leave Canada? ūüôĀ

I'll be back (money).

When birds migrate south for the winter, why do they come back in the summer? Seems unnecessary.

They are returning to their true home. They only go south to survive. Just like me at Fox Sports 1.

Do you really masturbate as much as you said in your Jay and Dan podcast?

I really do. Relaxes me. You should try it.

What is the worst thing you have done in a drunken stupor?

Puked all over my uncle's bathroom.

JAY! What was the toughest thing to get used to on the new show and in the states?

Having to pay for health care.

Will we ever get to take a dump in Dan's car? Also, I'm really excited to read Anchorboy, you (and Dan) are by far my favourite personalities on TV. And your podcast is amazing.

Thank you it was really fun to write. Hope you enjoy it. I plan on taking a dump in dan's car right after this AMA.

What's your work schedule at FS1?

Get to work at 5 write for 3 hours on air for 3 hours… in between i get make up from our super hot makeup artist Joanna whom you saw on the podcast…. life is not terrible.

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