The best news to come from Bristol in a long time is the triumphant return of their brightest game show star, Howie Schwab.  The Schwab is making a comeback as part of ESPNU's late night television show, UNITE, where he'll quiz three contestants each Wednesday beginning February 20th for a college sports trivia tournament.

The original Stump the Schwab ran for two years on ESPN's family of networks in the mid-2000s and featured three contestants trying to defeat the ESPN stats guru in a trivia competition.  It was maybe my favorite show on ESPN, and not just because Sports Jeopardy was my favorite computer game as a 10 year old, because the game show was actually entertaining.  The best part of the show was The Schwab taking it so dog gone seriously, that's a game face Bobby Knight would be proud of!

While these segments on UNITE aren't going to be the full fledged Stump the Schwab we all knew and loved, it's nice to see the statistical sage back in front of the camera.  Hopefully these UNITE segments are the beginning to a relaunch of the full Stump the Schwab.  Lord knows I'd watch that over another debate show.


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