July is the slowest sports month of the year – here’s proof

It's July, which means a time for sports networks, radio stations, online outlets, newspapers, and blogs to get creative to try and fill time.  With football a month away and the NBA and NHL seasons in the rearview mirror, July is often a wasteland of manufactured topics and mindless drivel.  Witness SportsCenter asking actor Kevin James about the fate of shunned Jets "superfan" Fireman Ed.

That was just one of many segments from the month so far that could be best described as "we've got nothing else better to do."  And since ESPN's daytime SportsCenter edition and First Take aren't so big on actual sports currently happening (baseball, golf, tennis, soccer, etc) and fancy nothing more than debate and analysis about football and basketball, there were plenty more of these moments to pick from.  


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Enjoy our selection, and thank your lucky stars we've only got another week of this month to endure…

What could be better than SportsCenter spending time with Kevin James… why him joining the debate desk of course!

Nothing like a recommendation from Skip and Stephen A. to ensure I never, eeeeeeever see Grown Ups 2.  

What's that, you've had enough of Dwight Howard and NBA free agency?  Good news for you then because Tom Penn is here to break down 2014 NBA free agency a full year in advance!

Nothing says "desperate for content that will draw some kind of reaction" like a debate about a quarterback that finally retired 2 years ago.  At least we know 2 people are still interested in Brett Favre!

Then there's this scintillating debate about how soft Blake Griffin is, because that's the one thing on everybody's minds in the middle of July.  Skip Bayless just wants someone new to take his very mature Spice Girls mantle.  More like Skip PAY-less because I'd pay less to watch him.  Amiright?

There were plenty of stories that divided the nation this summer and caused viewers to tune in and pick sides in droves.  Perhaps none more so than Colin Kaepernick wearing a Dolphins hat…

The "clutchness" or "ELITENESS" (eliteability? elition?) of Eli Manning is such a fresh topic.  Welcome to the party Jeff Saturday, you've got a lot to look forward to as ESPN's resident Manning Expert…

If you're in doubt about what to talk about when you're First Take and you need a good debate to sink your teeth into, that's what the Dallas Cowboys are for…

And if all that doesn't make you lose faith in humanity, you can always watch 15 minutes of Nelly yelling with Skip and Stephen A. and Cari Champion even about the Lakers.

And then there's Johnny Football, who ESPN covered with their typical restraint thanks to whatever shenanigans took place at the Manning passing camp.  The only thing missing is debate about Manziel being a clutch partier.  Oh, and hi Alien Paul Finebaum…

Save us August.  Save us now.  Before it's too late.

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