In a busy day of international soccer and World Cup Qualifying, there was one standout performer… the ESPN3 announcer for the Portugal-Sweden game.  I've never quite been so intrigued by a game broadcast.  It was equal parts confounding, exhilirating, hysterical, excitable, and ridiculous.  It was like listening to the Portugese Ray Hudson announce a soccer game for the first time.  It was the closest thing I've ever had to an out of body experience while watching the online stream of a soccer game.

Just listen to how the announcer called the lone goal of the game, Cristiano Ronaldo's game winner in the 82nd minute.  IT'S A GOAL RONALDO!  IT'S A GOAL RONALDO!  RO!!  NALDO!!…

The only thing we know about the announcer is that he was introduced at the beginning of the game as, I kid you not, "Joset Mourinho," which sounds just like the Chelsea manager's name.  He certainly left his mark on everyone watching the game with Twitter blowing up like I've never seen for an online stream.  The Twitterverse was evenly split between this being the worst thing to ever happen to soccer broadcasts, the greatest thing, or an incredible piece of satire.

He actually called Sweden "the yellow team."  That really is like something out of a Sacha Baron Cohen movie!

I've never done this before, but seriously, you need to carve out some time today to go to the ESPN3 archives and watch this game broadcast while you can.  Someone at ESPN needs to place this game in a time capsule.  Just please, please, please let him come back for the return leg… and the rest of the MLS Playoffs… and the World Cup.

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