Adam Scott won The Masters on Sunday and plenty of new fans after his dramatic birdies on the 72nd hole and 2nd playoff hole.  The 32 year old Aussie has been a well-known player for years, but not exactly a household name with casual sports fans or middle America.  That could certainly change if one of the most well-known reality shows in America has its wish and features the major winner.  The folks involved with The Bachelor are interested in having Scott be the next to attempt to find true love in a preposterously staged format.  Via E!

"Chris Harrison was totally on board, joking about the golfer's hypothetical quest for love. "Yep it's now officially the most dramatic #Masters ever!" he quipped, adding, "Rumors this will be settled in a hot tub instead of replaying 18th #Masters"

Fans were, understandably, thrilled by the prospect of seeing gratuitous shirtless shots of the golfer. "The Adam Scott as #Bachelor idea has exploded," the show's producer tweeted. "Will try and meet."

A source who works on the show tells E! News exclusively, "We are definitely going to pursue [Scott]. So far, no meeting's been set but we're trying. He could be a perfect fit…We're also considering other people Bachelor fans already know.""

At this point, knowing the strike rate of this show, why would anyone actually interested in finding a husband/wife want to put themselves through this charade?  Adam Scott doesn't strike me as The Bachelor type and the show notoriously tried and failed to get Tim Tebow to appear.  Still though, it's fun to ponder the possibilities if Scott did say yes to be the next contestant.  (I think that's the right word.)  Perhaps we could see some sort of Big Break/Bachelor fusion and roses could be decided based upon golfing skills.  Maybe the ladies on the show could prove they have what it takes to be a golfer's wife by knocking the window out of the back of an SUV with a 9 iron.  And maybe at the final rose ceremony Steve Williams will be there to make sure he at least grabs a piece of the spotlight.  Let's make this happen, ABC!


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