You can add another prominent name to the list of former NFL players dealing with the frightening side effects of a career filled with blows to the head. FOX NFL Sunday analyst Terry Bradshaw is reportedly dealing with memory loss and depression, as seen in an article from USA Today.

Bradshaw was having issues remembering things and visited a clinic to learn more about his condition four years ago. Bradshaw's battle with memory loss has led to depression. He has since used a mix of doctors and medications to treat both ailments.

"I couldn't focus and remember things, and I was dealing with depression. I was frustrated I couldn't remember stuff, and I got real upset. It was driving me nuts. I got tested to see what condition my brain is in. And it's not in real good shape.

I lose stuff. I forget stuff. I walk into rooms and go, 'Why am I in here? What did I come in here for?' Is that normal? I'm 65. I don't know."

This is startling. The information is only becoming more and more troubling as more and more NFL players come forward and open up about their ailments after a professional football career. Is the worst still to come? Bradshaw's comments paint a troubling picture of what some of these athletes are dealing with years after they leave the field. In the last week several NFL players have been publicly diagnosed with signs of CTE.

Given Bradshaw's ailments, should FOX NFL Sunday spend more time discussing concussions and the issues one of their own is facing? It's not a very flattering topic for the league, but it seems like a topic they should address in a deeper way considering they have someone on their panel with first-hand experience. 

(H/T USA Today)

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