Terrell Owens may or may not be doing a reality show with Lakers forward Metta World Peace, but he did follow in the former Ron Artest's footsteps by attempting to do the weather forecast with Fox 11 in Los Angeles.  Owens isn't particularly awful, although he did a better job doing situps in his driveway than pointing to cities on the map.  

The sad part comes at the end when Owens jokes about the difficulty of doing the weather and says, "I need a job."  His football career is over and now TO desperately needs attention for doing… something.  He's about a month or two away from aimlessly wandering in the C level celebrity desert of local weather forecasts and/or cooking segments, VH1 reality shows, and celebrity boxing with Dustin Diamond.

I gues it's time for TO to find his boxing gloves.

H/T Rant Sports

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