Quite frankly, I didn't know Jermaine O'Neal was on the Phoenix Suns roster, let alone still in the league… until last night that is, when he came up with one of the most unique blunders in NBA history.  O'Neal goaltended a shot at the buzzer from James Harden…

It's not like the Suns are going places this year, so if O'Neal is going to blow his team a game in such an absurd way, he could at least have smacked the ball away with a little more authority.

What a strange, strange way to lose a game.  The official Suns Twitter account produced this delightfully passive aggressive tweet, singling out O'Neal for his mistake and looking up to the sky for answers…

That's one of those times when you really don't need to include the poor guy's handle, isn't it?  Does the official team account have to hold up a sign with big flashing lights telling you where to take your complaints?  At least they still went through with the obligatory hashtag.  It's times like this I wish we could tell tone and expression on Twitter, because I imagine being some combination of angry, hopeless, and depressed.  Thank goodness Twitter wasn't around for Bill Buckner, because the official Red Sox account would have crapped all over him too.

It's just another night in what has been a long season for the Suns, who sit with the worst record in the western conference.  So maybe the Suns Twitter account should thank Jermaine O'Neal for earning them more ping pong balls.

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