Screamin' Stephen A. Smith filled in for one of the Mikes on Mike & Mike today as part of six consecutive hours on ESPN2 this morning. Whoever thought of that idea in Bristol needs to have a severe reality check. At one point, the topic shifted to random fans buying gifts for RGIII and his fiancee off their wedding registry. Some people have not taken kindly to this, and Mike Greenberg basically told him to ignore the negativity, because it is inevitable no matter what the topic.

When you're a high profile athlete, no matter what you do, you will have people writing and saying negative things. This makes sense, and Greenberg was right to tell RGIII to just ignore it. It should be a non-story.

Then, Smith swoops in and makes a bunch of nonsensical statements, including:

“I don’t think the fans are the problem here. You know who I think the problem is? His fiancee is the problem. It’s her fault."

“No, y’all calm down. I’m not being misogynistic in any way, shape, form or fashion. I’m sure she’s a wonderful, lovely lady. I’m very happy for him, their July wedding. All the best, God bless you both.

“But let me throw a little bit of the love doctor in here. Understand something. You’re a woman, you’re messing with a high-profile – I shouldn’t say messing – you’re involved with a high-profile dude. He has no business being a part of the wedding registry. Handle it yourself. He’s RGIII. No, to you he’s Robert. Whatever it is that you call him. It’s cute, it’s nice. But it’s none of our business. Don’t make it everybody’s business. You, I believe her name is Jennifer? Is it? Whatever her name is, what I’m saying is, you handle that.”  

Smith apparently has no clue how wedding registries work, which doesn't surprise me, since he doesn't seem to have a clue about much these days. Also, telling Griffin's fiancee (who he can't even bother to name correctly) to "handle it yourself?" Really? If you ever have to say "I'm not being misogynistic… but" then whatever follows is never a good idea to say publicly.

This is just a typical Stephen A. rant because it is his thing, rather than saying something intelligent or bothering to know what he's yelling about to begin with, he's going to go on ESPN and tell the fiancee of a professional football player how she should handle her wedding planning.

At least he didn't call it a cornball wedding registry.

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