With the world buzzing over Kate Upton's picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated's 2013 Swimsuit Issue, the company made a major announcement – swimsuits are now a daily occurrence. Specifically, they've launched Swim Daily, a blog (of sorts) which will churn out daily content featuring (you guessed it) attractive ladies in swimsuits. 

According to Swim Daily's welcome post, the blog will not only feature a ton of steamy photos, but it will also offer a behind the scenes look at all of the work that goes into the annual publication as well as videos and interviews with the models themselves. 

You're still reading? Even with the promise of gallery after gallery of attractive women in minimal clothing? Congratulations. You're either stuck at work counting down the hours until you can go home and check this out, or our links above are broken.

Seriously though, it's interesting to see SI become more aggressive in adding new sites and blogs specifically. A swimsuit themed site is a significant trump card SI holds and a frequently updated site (obviously) should bring lots of clicks. It might even go a ways in making up some of that lost traffic from CNN thanks to their new Bleacher Report partnership.

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