When it comes to inherently corrupt sporting institutions, FIFA makes the IOC and NCAA look like kindergarteners stealing toys from classmates.  The corruption in world soccer must have been what the prohibition days in Chicago were like, except on a much larger global scale.  As just one example, take a look at the millions of dollars in corruption spent by CONCACAF and FIFA executives Jack Warner and Chuck Blazer.  A $26 million dollar "Center of Excellence" built on land owned by Warner, another $15 million in misappropriated funds to Warner, $21 million embezzeled by Blazer, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.  FIFA is so unabashedly fraudulent that the only person to try and lodge a challenge to Blatter's presidency in 2011, Mohamed Bin Hammam, was himself banned from FIFA for offering bribes under sketchy circumstances.  What a surprise.  Although nothing has been proven yet, it doesn't take Mr. Magoo to question the process that leads a World Cup being awarded to an insanely rich outsider like Qatar.

Today, Syrian hackers decided to have some fun with FIFA and Sepp Blatter's obvious corruption, sending out tweets from both the official @SeppBlatter and @FIFAWorldCup accounts talking about Blatter's resignation…

I can't wait to see FIFA and Blatter's response to this.  I'm sure it will be akin to their previous hollow cries to stamp out corruption in soccer, which are about as authentic as OJ's search for the real killers.  I'm looking forward to Blatter's book "If I Did It."

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