If you're not a fan of European soccer, you're missing out on some tremendous announcing. In fact, listening to Ray Hudson call La Liga games from Spain is sometimes more enjoyable and exciting than what actually takes place on the pitch. 

In this case, beIN announcer and former German World Cup champion Bodo Illgner wanted to use some American slang to describe a blunder that took place in a Copa Del Rey match between two Spanish teams, Real Betis and Atletico Madird.

"How do the Americans say? Shit happens." 

As someone that has listened to Illgner call numerous games on beIN, I have to admit that this was a refreshing change compared to his usual bland, boring commentary. Keep at it, Bodo! If anyone gives you trouble for this hilarious bit of analysis, just throw that American slang their way and feel free to channel your inner Ron Jaworski.

(H/T to Cheeky Backheel)

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