Before I jump into the genius that is Melissa McCarthy, I want to mention that I did not watch the Mike Rice video(s). The reaction I saw on social media pretty much deterred me from wanting to see Rice's abuse in action. That being said, I could still recognize and enjoy SNL really sticking it to the NCAA and college athletics in general with this skit:

McCarthy is Shelia Kelly, head coach at DIII's Middle Delaware State and her reign of terror makes Rice look like Gordon Bombay after he gets a dose of self-righteousness from Hans and does a complete 180. (Hey, it's Sunday, I'm allowed a Mighty Ducks reference, okay??). McCarthy's comedic presence is insane – she's so good in this skit it makes you wonder if SNL could have done this with anyone else – probably not.

Maybe the most telling line in this entire skit, that sums up all the issues brought forward in the last week, comes from the athletic director commenting on why Kelly is still employed:

"Playing college ball isn't supposed to be easy, fun, or rewarding. It's supposed to make money for the university."

Ouch. SNL kicking the entire industry of college athletics right where it counts.

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